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Treanor Chiropractic has joined Horizon Medical!

We are now serving clients as a collaborative team.

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Experience the difference at Horizon Medical


For a combined 5 decades, the Horizon Medical team has been dedicated to serving the Rocky Mount, NC region.

And now, by combining our scopes of practice, our experience, and our approaches, we are bringing Responsible Pain Management to life.


We are a team driven practice that is focused on you AND your family.

From the Front Desk Assistant to the Tech Assistant, from the Financial Assistant to Dr. T and Nurse Linda, our focus is on your health and well-being.

Education, Education, Education!

Knowledge is power. Your health care education is more important than any one treatment. It is the “Why” of health care.

Jennifer U.
"Every time I leave here I feel 1000% better! They are so friendly, welcoming, and truly care about each patient and their specific needs. I would highly recommend Dr. T!”
Timothy V.

“Dr. Treanor and his staff were amazing.  I cam in hunched over unable to sit, stand, or lay down without terrible pain.  They all could tell I was suffering and took the time to evaluate and discuss treatment. 

In one session I was standing straight without aid. 

In the second session same day…it was like heaven.  

I would recommend to everyone. 

Truly amazing people.”

Rhonda N.

“One of the best doctors I have ever been to. He is very thorough, kind and easy to talk to. He has a wonderful staff, too. He educates you and is looking for short and long term success. He helped me the very first visit. I give him and his staff and A+.”

What can you expect from Horizon Medical?


Upfront and open communication.

What is the condition?

What, if anything, can we do for you?

How long will it take to correct?

How much will it cost?

We answer these questions, along with any others you have, upfront and openly.

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